#TodayInHistory TIME Magazine publishes a pix of Leopoldo V. Vargas shot in 9/11/1973.

Feb 4 1974 TIME

#ADayLikeToday 42 years ago, the fourth picture of six captured by Chilean presidential photographer Leopoldo Víctor Vargas made it’s debut in the world press.  Shot the morning of Tuesday September 11th 1973 at La Moneda Palace, seat of the Chilean Government, during the Coup d’état.

Time magazine; section; The World: Allende’s Last Day, Sunday February 4th, 1974, page 51, at the bottom right corner of the page.

According to photographer Leopoldo Vargas it was the forth shot of six pictures he took that fateful day. Vargas shoot the picture while President Salvador Allende and his entourage were at the courtyard of the Palace known then as Patio de La Pila(Fountain Courtyard)- actually known as Patio de Los Cañones” (Cannons Courtyard).

In the forefront, we see that President Allende is escorted by Luis Rodríguez (a.k.a. Mauricio, one of Allende’s partisan bodyguards known as GAP’s- Grupo de Amigos Personales del Presidente). They are followed by Dr. Danilo Bartulín Fovich (a personal friend of the President) and Captain José Muñoz- Chief of the Carabinero’s Presidential Guard, the Chilean paramilitary Police

Here we can appreciate also some other members of Allende’s partisan guards, such as Juan José Montiglio Murúa (a.k.a. Aníbal Salcedo), wearing glasses in between the President and Dr. Bartulin, and Julio Tapia (Pascual), who is in the back right behind Luis Rodríguez. In the background there are some other Officers and NCO’s of Carabineros.

On the September 30 1974 issue of TIME magazine, page 22, they put again a cropped version of the same picture.

TIME sept 30 1974 page 22

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