#‎TodayInHistory‬: NYT publication of WPPh1973

#TodayInHistory: On Saturday, Jan. 26, 1973, made it’s debut on the front page of The New York Times (NYT), the picture winner of the World Press Photo of the Year 1973 (WPPh1973) prize.

NYT Jan 26, 1973 Front Page (Report)

NYT Jan 26, 1973 Front Page (Report)

The photo winner of the World Press Photo of the Year 1973, in the bottom, was shot on 9/11/1973, at around 9:40 am, by presidential photographer Leopoldo Víctor Vargas. It shows Chilean President Dr. Salvador Allende during his tour of inspection through the La Moneda Palace, looking for the best positions for its defense, while the Coup d’état was in progress.

In this cropped picture, Allende is being escorted by Luis Fernando Rodríguez Riquelme (a.k.a. Mauricio), a member of Allende’s personal partisan guard, known by the acronym GAP, which in Spanish stands for “Group of Personal Friends” of the President. Right behind the President is José Muñoz, Captain of the Carabineros’ Presidential Guard, and Allende’s friend Dr.Danilo Bartulín Fovich.

On the top photo we see Chilean President Salvador Allende, the day of the Coup d’état, at around 9:05 am, on a call with Vice admiral Patricio Carvajal. Right in front of the President is an Army Senior NCO apparently with a call on hold. Some identify him as SNCO Víctor Jorquera Díaz.

It is noteworthy in itself the fact that it is very rare to have two pictures of the same photographer, and of the same event, together on the front page of the NYT.

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